Easy-access split hopper makes cleaning a cinch

Rick Lingle in Fillers on September 02, 2014


A new 20-gallon Split Hopper for powdered products will be presented at Pack Expo 2014, Nov. 2-5, at McCormick Place in Chicago. The Split Hopper from Spee-Dee is the intended for many applications including vertical form/fill/seal machines where the hopper for these types of baggers is often located high enough above floor level to make tooling changes and cleaning challenging.


Each half of the split hopper is machined from stainless steel and is hinged, enabling the hopper to split and swing open for easier access for these duties. Spee-Dee also offers a 16-gallon version of the Split Hopper as well. 


Other Spee-Dee systems scheduled for display at Pack Expo:


  • Revolution Series Auger, a simplified design, quick-delivered machine that’s intended for applications that need filling right away and is ready to ship within four weeks;
  • The Sanitary Washdown Auger Filler, which can be washed down with FDA-approved cleaning agents at a water temperature of 160 degrees F and water pressure of up to 250 psi;
  • Engineered for dispensing free-flowing dry products such as beans and cereal, the Servo Drive Volumetric Cup Fillers quickly change cup sizes to accommodate the density and weight standards of multiple products.


Spee-Dee will be found in booth # N-5441


visit www.spee-dee.com, email [email protected], or call 877-375-2121.


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