10 impactful and efficient flexible packages win gold awards: Page 4 of 10

Lisa Pierce in Flexible Packaging on March 16, 2018

4. Stackable cube-efficient bag needs no other support

Because of the structural design that increases strength and dimensional stability, the ConservaCube package can replace rigid containers for a variety of bulk products—up to 55 pounds—sold at retail (club stores or home improvement outlets) and through ecommerce.

With four display panels for high shelf impact, ConservaCube is stackable and can ship on a pallet without the need for secondary packaging. That also makes it display-ready for stores, with a clear billboarding advantage over the typical lay-flat bag.

This mono-material polyethylene package is not only cube efficient to save on freight costs, but it is also recyclable. Built-in handles make it easy for consumers to carry and dispense the product.

ConservaCube received two Gold Awards (for Sustainability and for Expanding the Use of Flexible Packaging) and two Silver Awards (for Packaging Excellence and for Technical Innovation).

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