10 impactful and efficient flexible packages win gold awards: Page 5 of 10

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Flexible Packaging on March 16, 2018

5. Collapsible pouch with sprayer floats with boat owners

As a former motor-boat owner, I immediately recognized and appreciated the multiple user benefits of the stand-up pouch with a trigger sprayer for Rejuvenate Marine biodegradable cleaning products from Life Products.

Designed to replace bulky rigid bottles, the lightweight pouches stand out on shelves because they are different. They also store easily and fit into tight spaces on boats, collapsing down as product is used. This allows boat-owners to keep their cleaning supplies onboard and handy.

Puncture-resistant, the structure also stands up to the rigorous rough-and-tumble conditions of a moving watercraft, without the worry of breakage or leakage. Reverse-printed graphics withstand high-salt-water environments.

With this package, Glenroy Inc. earned a Gold Award for Expanding the Use of Flexible Packaging.

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