10 impactful and efficient flexible packages win gold awards: Page 8 of 10

Lisa Pierce in Flexible Packaging on March 16, 2018

8. Small sachet is big on brand protection and shelf impact

Rampant counterfeiting and cut-throat competition in the Asian mouth freshener market demanded Shudh Plus Ultra Mouth Freshener develop a unique high-impact package.

In a sachet small enough to fit in the palm of a hand, manufacturer Uflex used multiple design elements to create a “never seen before design” for the brand. Tactile surface? Check. Glitter? Check. Embossing? Check. Gold and Silver hot foil stamping? Check and check.

All that was achieve through a combination of rotogravure and flexographic printing, and electron beam coating on a surface-printed registered application on paper. The tactile effect was done using high solid content ink. And a special-purpose machine simultaneously produced the gold and silver hot foil stamping.

Flex Films (USA) Inc. earned two awards: Gold Award for Technical Innovation and Silver Award for Printing and Shelf Impact.

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