10 impactful and efficient flexible packages win gold awards: Page 10 of 10

Lisa Pierce in Flexible Packaging on March 16, 2018

10. UV surface-printed bags enjoy their day(s) in the sun

The bag’s earthy, muted colors help sell Whitney Farms Organic Planting Soil. So it’s important to protect that look, especially since the product is often stored outside on pallets like most garden center goods. ProAmpac established a proprietary energy curing process to protect the surface-printed polyethylene film against color degradation from ultraviolet light (sunlight), which is key to the product’s shelf appeal. The bag is highly resistant to chemicals, too.

Using energy curable inks and a 100-line screen printing plate, ProAmpac prints eight colors on the front and three colors on the back—all in register. The printing process and bag c-folding is done all inline.

Developed specifically for large packages, a high coefficient of friction matte overcoat helps eliminate product shifting for stacked bags. The matte finish also adds an organic look and feel to the package.

ProAmpac received two awards for this application: Gold Award for Technical Innovation and Silver Award for Packaging Excellence.



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