19 award-winning flexible packages trumpet holistic solutions

Lisa Pierce in Flexible Packaging on March 02, 2017

Amidst the glitz and glamour of the 2017 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards gala, what really sparkled were the technical and design innovations on display, including several “firsts” in their markets. Nineteen packages earned awards in five categories—Packaging Excellence, Sustainability, Printing and Shelf Impact, Extending the Use of Flexible Packaging and Technical Innovation—along with one outstanding entry recognized as the Highest Achievement Award winner.

This is the 61st annual competition of the Flexible Packaging Assn. The organization presented the honors at its annual meeting on Wed., Mar. 1, in Boca Raton, FL.

Lead judge Michael Richmond, vp, packaging consulting solutions at HAVI, touted, “This is a year of more…there’s more innovation, there’s more sustainability, there’s more non-food, there are more holistic solutions.”

Richmond was one of three judges this year, along with Eric Fish, editor in chief of Flexible Packaging magazine, and Robert Kimmel, associate professor and director, Center for Flexible Packaging (CEFPACK), at Clemson University.

The winners are presented here, first the Highest Achievement Award victor, then the Gold Award winners and, lastly, Silver Award recipients. For more details, visit the awards section of the FPA website.

Page 1. Hunt’s Recipe Ready tomato paste pouch

Page 2. Amcor’s Fortis medical breather bag

Page 3. Cape Cod “Bags of Cash” promotional package

Page 4. Clinic Plus Strong & Long Health Shampoo pouch

Page 5. Nudges Grillers Dog Treats pouch

Page 6. Shaker Bag

Page 7. Waterless Internet flower packaging

Page 8. Banquet Dino-Shaped Chicken Nuggets package

Page 9. CAF's "ORUS" Squeegee Bucket Solution box pouch

Page 10. Cryovac Sealappeal OSF AW ovenable bag for whole birds

Page 11. FormFoil Lite suture package

Page 12. gather Free Acres Adult Canine Diet pouch

Page 13. General Mills Totino’s pizza overwrap

Page 14. Hershey’s Twizzlers with FreshPak reclosable bag

Page 15. hth Showpack pool chemical pouch

Page 16. NFI/UPM Pharmaceuticals’ Lidocare Pain Relief Patch pouch

Page 17. Redken Heatcure At-Home Self-Heating Mask sachet

Page 18. Smart Mix Pro pouch

Page 19. Starbucks Mexico Chiapas coffee bag


1. Hunt’s Recipe Ready tomato paste pouch

Cooks will certainly appreciate how Hunt’s Recipe Ready tomato paste pouch replaces the 6-oz can for a convenient and mess-free portioned pack. Produced by Bemis Co., the barrier film pouch opens easily, holds two tablespoons of paste and delivers a one year shelf life.

This Highest Achievement Award winner also won four other awards:

Gold in the Extending the Use of Flexible Packaging category.

Gold in Packaging Excellence.

Gold in Sustainability.

Silver in Printing and Shelf Impact.


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