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Lisa Pierce in Flexible Packaging on March 01, 2016

2. Gold Award: Printing & Shelf Impact
Lay's Summer Promotion by
Emerald Packaging Inc.

Picnics, barbeques and parties with friends and family help make summers memorable. Frito-Lay wanted to tap into that positive mojo. So for its Lay’s Summer Promo, it invited customers to submit their own photos. Snack bags were then digitally printed with the customer’s submitted picture, creating a customized ecommerce product and personal experience. A unique bar code on the package links the photograph to the package and the package to an individual consumer, ensuring that customers get the right packages. According to Kevin Kelly, owner/CEO of Emerald Packaging, the entire package is digitally printed on an HP Indigo 20000 press, carefully matching the brand’s colors with its conventionally printed bags as well as incorporating the variable data (photo and bar code) for each package.


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