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Lisa Pierce in Flexible Packaging on March 01, 2016

3. Gold Award: Printing & Shelf Impact; and Gold Award: Packaging Excellence
Kohinoor Anti-Slip Bag by
Flex Films (USA) Inc.

Micro-embossing on the finished laminate film prior to bag making gives this premium rice bag special anti-slip properties. Stacked bags stay in place, whether on a shelf in the store or at home, or on a unitized pallet stacked several feet high. Added in register, the micro-embossing is selectively positioned in the center of the bag (at the point of maximum contact with the other lay-flat bags for a high coefficient of friction). But it doesn’t mar the packaging graphics or interfere with the barrier properties of the bag because it only alters the surface of the film. Additionally, FPA tells us that “It is also so designed that it does not physically puncture the film surface so that barrier properties remain unaffected and there is no development of micro-pores that allow mites or micro-organisms to enter the package.”


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