6 fabulous flexible packages win top awards: Page 7 of 7

Lisa Pierce in Flexible Packaging on March 01, 2016

Read about the 13 flexible packages winning Silver Awards in the 2016 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards competition booklet on the association’s website.

1. 12 oz. Tis the Season Gingerbread Ground Coffee by American Packaging Corp.

2. 3.8 oz. Natural Great Granny Crunchy Apple Chips by American Packaging Corp.

3. 6 lb. Dr. Teal Epsom Salt Magnesium Sulfate by Plastic Packaging Technologies LLC

4. 4 kg. Bio-vita Granules Seaweed by Paharpur 3P

5. Birla White Walcare WPP Bag by Flex Films (USA) Inc.

6. Cowboy Bath by Berry Plastics Corp.

7. 8 oz. Pouch for Duke’s Mayonnaise by ProAmpac

8. Morton Scented Epson Salt SUP by Coveris

9. Petsmile Pet Toothpaste by Glenroy Inc.

10. Printpack Photochromic Bag (Self Promotion) by Printpack

11. Smithfield Foodservice Package by Bemis Co. Inc.

12. SureSeal Dairy Films by Liqui-Box Corp.

13. White Lily Flour Box Pouch with QuickZip by ProAmpac

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