Anti-fog shrink film protects and presents produce

By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Flexible Packaging on June 26, 2014

Created for fresh produce packaging, the new CT-311 shrink film from Sealed Air is touted as the first micro-layered anti-fog film that is also one of the thinnest—at 35-gauge. Among its sustainable benefits, the clear film qualifies for recyclability under the How2Recycle label program from the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. It can be dropped off at local stores at numerous nationwide locations. It is also being positioned as an alternative to PVC film for cold-chain produce applications. Compared to the 60-gauge PVC film often used in these situations, CT-311 saves up to 20% of material usage and up to 67% of material weight for a typical 8-oz package.

In addition, the film promotes food safety benefits by giving produce packers a cost-effective packaging option. And fresh produce that is packed at a central location and then distributed to retailers minimizes the risk of cross-contamination during packaging at the store level.

Reid Kennedy, marketing director, shrink packaging solutions for Sealed Air’s Product Care Div., states, “CT-311’s combination of excellent optics, increased performance and microwave compatibility delivers the most complete shrink material available for fresh produce, all while enabling packagers to reduce their material usage.”

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