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Rick Lingle in Flexible Packaging on July 31, 2018


What customer needs does the Flexible Bucket address?

Possinger: The Flexible Bucket was designed to meet the demanding needs of one of our customer’s unique challenges–standing out among competitors while being able to transport a range of discrete goods by hand with ease. Our superior multicolor printing is available to add graphics to the Flexible Bucket, reinforcing the brand and boosting the products shelf appeal up to six times over the traditional rigid bucket. Combined with the reinforced shaped handle that maintains its form and strength, and the extra ply of material in its construction, the Flexible Bucket is easier and more comfortable to carry than other flexible pouch or rigid buckets.


What is considered the industry standard format and why is this better?

Possinger: The industry standard format is a rigid bucket. Our Flexible Bucket, an industrial pouch, allows customers to carry a wide variety of discrete goods by hand, eliminating the struggle with bulky buckets and increasing ease of movement. With an EZ Open recloseable top and a high strength-to-weight ratio, the Flexible Bucket is the ultimate weight-saving, space-conserving solution for product transportation and storage.


What are the key features?


Strength and Ergonomics A high strength-to-weight ratio due to its four-ply construction versus standard two-ply, paired with its proprietary handle design, distinguishes the Flexible Bucket from standard pouches that are not as easily transportable.

Space savings Folds­ flat to take up mere inches in a storage area compared to the space that an equal number of traditional buckets would consume.

Sustainability Easy to dispose of and recycle with 85% less plastic than a rigid bucket. The Flexible Bucket also reduces the overall operational cost of transportation by replacing traditional rigid containers, which have a larger footprint that takes up more storage and space per shipment.

What product categories and types is it suitable for?

Possinger: The Flexible Bucket is suitable for a variety of bulk dry flowable products ranging from food and feed ingredients to resins, agricultural pesticides and specialty chemicals.


Is any customer using or testing?

Possinger: Our first customer for the bucket pouch was Pest Management division at Liphatech, which converted from a rigid plastic bucket to the Flexible Bucket (shown at top).

According to Jim Doll, the senior marketing manager for pest management, “Fres-co came to us with a variety of ideas for different types of packaging so that we could improve our graphics and stand out among our competitors. They succeeded; when we showed the packages internally, there was a definite ‘wow’ factor. When you add the portability, the ergonomic handle and the resealable top, the Flexible Bucket will give our customers even more reason to use our product.”


Anything else to mention?

Possinger: With a weight capacity of 16 lb, the Flexible Bucket is a small but powerful proprietary pouch.



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