Fly killer packs a punch

By Kari Embree in Flexible Packaging on June 11, 2014

Getting tired of those pesky fruit flies that have invaded your kitchen but can’t stand the toxic chemical sprays and pesticides? Aunt Fannie’s FlyPunch may just be what you’re looking for. The FlyPunch is an all-natural, environmentally friendly formula that reduces risk of food borne illness by eradicating fruit flies and is packaged in a stand-up pouch—a first of its kind in the pesticide market. A simple designed notched-cut on the edge of the package will allow consumers to tear off the top portion, immediately inviting fruit flies in, or consumers can pour the product into a household ware. The stand-up pouch will also be easily stored in a typical pantry, drawer, or cupboard prior to use.

Packaging Digest interviewed Mat Franken, CEO of Aunt Fannie, to get exclusive details on the innovative packaging.

What is the motivation behind Aunt Fannie’s recent activity in introducing new products/packaging?

Franken: We at Aunt Fannie saw an opportunity to remake the pesticide category, focusing on natural non-toxic products with an engaging brand and progressive design.

What design trend does your packaging set in the pesticide market?

Franken: More and more consumers are attracted to toxin-free products, pesticides included. We felt starting from a blank slate, and looking at pesticides with regard to how we would want to use them, and the features we would find interesting would be a good place to start. We realized flexible packaging would be unique, and a stand up pouch would be much more eco-friendly than an aerosol can or large plastic container. We also chose to use glass in our Fannie Packs for ease in wash-ability and reuse. Each step in our packaging was carefully examined and contemplated.

What were the key goals and requirements from a marketing view? From a packaging view?

Franken: We had quite a few goals, but here are some highlights. We wanted to seriously minimize the impact to the planet, but still satisfy our customers' need to keep their homes or establishments fruit fly free. We also wanted to be unique, and try to change the status quo within the category. And lastly, ease of use was critical. We didn't want to be seen as a contraption, but instead, more of a well-designed tool for managing an extremely common problem.

Did sustainability play a role in the package development?

Franken: Sustainability is absolutely paramount in our company. From the product formulation to design, and packaging to fulfillment, we wanted to maximize our level of sustainability and efficiency.




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You can easily make your own fruit fly concoction for a few pennies: white vinegar, a touch of clear fruit juice like apple, and a few drops of liquid dish detergent. Pour in a small open container, leave in a corner of your kitchen for as long as needed. You thought you had a couple fruit flies flying around? You'll probably find two dozens drowned at the bottom... But of course my mix doesn't come in a colourful stand-up pouch.
The product may be fantastic but putting it in a package that is identified generally as a juice package is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Even the graphics have an "action hero" feel and the use of the word "punch" in the product title is too easily confused with fruit punch. It is not hard to imagine a scenario that has a child taking the stand up pouch and drinking the contents and in the USA there are too many lawyers circling like buzzards! Rethink the package!!!!