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IMPAK Corp. (Sorbent Systems)

Sorbent Systems is a manufacturer and retailer of desiccant, packaging products and heat sealing equipment for private and corporate use worldwide.

Founded May 1993, IMPAK provides innovative packaging solutions for the aerospace, computer, electronic, medical, food and consumer product industries.

IMPAK offers the complete “Sorbent System”: packaging, sealing equipment, and sorbents.

What is a Sorbent System?

A protective storage environment would start with a container that acts as a barrier from external elements, such as moisture or oxygen. That storage environment would then be altered and effectively controlled or via a sorbent product within the barrier environment.

Example of a Sorbent System: a high quality flexible Mylar® bag that acts as a barrier against oxygen from the outside, containing the correct size oxygen absorber. To maintain a virtually oxygen-free environment within the bag over an extended period of time, the bag must be sealed properly and the oxygen absorber must be the appropriate size and quality to effectively remove the oxygen.

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Desiccants and Dehydrating Agents
We provide flexible packaging materials with reclosable features and high O2 / H2O barrier properties. Our temporary barrier clips are liquid impervious.
IMPAK Introduces Explosion-Proof Pouch Sealers

IMPAK Corporation, a leader in flexible packaging for environmentally-sensitive products, announces its development of certified explosion-proof heat sealers for safer operation in hazardous locations.

“We were surprised to learn that many companies in industries like fuel servicing, dry cleaning, flour and feed mills, and recycling are using heat sealers without complying with OSHA Standards,” said R. Hasan, director of IMPAK’s Machinery Group.

These hazardous locations (HazLoc) are at higher risk for accidental combustion due to elements such as flammable gas (Class I), combustible dust (Class II), and ignitable fibers (Class III) which can ignite whenever there is an ignition source. Many people are unaware of the potential for combustion in seemingly innocuous settings such as industrial bakeries and textile or fiber production facilities.

Other “classified” locations include:

  •     Fuel Servicing Areas - Class I, Flammable Gas
  •     Dry Cleaning Plants - Class I, Flammable Gas
  •     Flour and Feed Mills - Class II, Combustible Dust Settings
  •     Recycling Plants - Class III, Ignitable Fibers

In such areas, the normal operation of equipment can present several sources for ignition, from the electrical arcs between components, to the heat of the machine itself. With heat sealing equipment, this danger is ever more present as the temperature required to seal the material can exceed the safe temperature for the location itself.

“Our customers work with highly technical materials that often require specific temperatures and effective pressure controls to seal their materials in order to meet seal integrity specifications; IMPAK knows how to produce these machines for operation even in hazardous locations where such high temperatures can be an ignition source.” - Kevin Cullen, IMPAK President

A Higher Standard

“Our impulse sealers are safer for their operators because heat is applied only when needed. In addition, they create better seals and save energy compared to sealers that require constant heat,” explains Mr. Rouzbeh Yousefpour, Software & Electrical Engineer, IMPAK Machine Group.

IMPAK’s explosion-proof machines feature enclosures around the electrical controls, wiring, and heating elements to ensure potential sources of ignition never make contact with ignitable materials, enhancing workplace safety in compliance with federal OSHA and state standards. However, explosion-proof components do not equate to an explosion-proof certified machine, as the team at IMPAK is keenly aware;

“After reviewing available machines in the market we realized some, but not all sources of ignition had been accounted for. To us, there is no such thing as ‘partially’ explosion-proof; your machine is either safe for use in a HazLoc setting, or it isn’t.” – Tod Cooper, Product Manager, IMPAK Machinery Group

Knowledge is Power

Some manufacturers claim compliance with standards for an explosion-proof machine, but fall short when they are unable to provide a machine with precise temperature readings, often stating ranges of 10°F variance and up.

“We know this firsthand,” says Hasan, “Our standard machines originally used the system still used by older companies, but we saw that 10°F temperature variance as inconvenient in normal settings, and potentially catastrophic in classified locations. We’ve since moved to superior control platform, the Intelligent Sealing System (iS2), a system developed in-house which offers temperature control within less than 3°F and readings every 2 milliseconds.”

Seals of Approval

Unlike other manufacturers, IMPAK recommends third-party certification by respected outside agencies such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and CSA that verify the machine is explosion-proof and not simply built from explosion-proof components. Certified equipment not only enhances workplace safety in compliance with OSHA standards, but also can significantly lower insurance premiums.

“We have had customers and potential customers report back to us that other machine builders are either unwilling or unable to provide third-party certification. IMPAK understands third-party certification requires a lot of additional steps, but is an absolute necessity for delivering a high quality product.” – Julio Flores, Production Leader, IMPAK Machinery Group

When it comes to workplace safety, presumably every company would like to say their solution spared no expense, but in reality, the best system is one that uses innovation to deliver a product that offers greater safety, at a lower premium. IMPAK has a track record in the industry of providing that solution.

About IMPAK Corporation

Since 1993, Los Angeles-based IMPAK Corporation has provided innovative packaging solutions to individuals and businesses with modified atmosphere packaging needs. They offer a wide range of technical barrier pouches and sorbent products that are maintained in inventory at their almost 38,000 square foot warehouse, plus the ability to custom produce packaging and sorbents to exact specifications. More recently, they expanded their line of US-made machinery to provide highly advanced capabilities in temperature and pressure control to address the sealing challenges of their customers, even when it means producing one-of-a-kind equipment.

For more information visit:
Contact Danae Fisher: 310-715-6600 x266

IMPAK Acquires Pouch Sealer Manufacturer, Gramatech

In Gramatech’s 20-year history they became known for quality products and service. Following the acquisition, IMPAK Corporation will continue the spirit of Gramatech’s specialized customer support in both stock and custom-made heat sealing equipment, with the added benefit of IMPAK’s cutting-edge control systems and manufacturing capabilities. Former Gramatech customers and IMPAK customers alike will enjoy an expanded range of products and technologies.

“One of the more valuable things that Gramatech brings to the table is a 20+ year old established business with excellent distributor relationships. Our custom machine capabilities can turn that network into a unique distribution channel in the US, Canada, and even worldwide.” – IMPAK Company President, Kevin Cullen

Poised for Success

Gramatech’s product line will be added to IMPAK’s existing line of vacuum and heat sealing equipment, which include convenient, economic options such as their all-electric units that require no air source (pictured; lower unit) as well as highly advanced items such as their medical tabletop sealers which utilize the Siemens-based Intelligent Sealing System, iS2™. And where customer needs fall outside of their robust line of standard options, the company’s Los Angeles based team will take on the challenge to produce a custom solution.

“The number of companies with the Gramatech Series of 21, 26, 31 or 36-inch heavy duty production model sealers is an open door for our custom capabilities,” explains R. Hasan, Machinery Department Director.

Familiar Faces

Sergio Flores, formerly with Gramatech, has joined IMPAK and aided in the transition. Gramatech alum, Product Manager Tod Cooper, also joined IMPAK in March; at the time he had no idea that the Gramatech acquisition, a company he had been with since its founding, was already part of Kevin Cullen’s strategic plan for the company.

“I was already impressed with IMPAK’s short lead times on sophisticated Siemen’s technology based custom machinery. In the case of Gramatech and its distributor network, I think they’re going to be truly impressed with the quality of economic options, such as the under $1,000 vacuum sealer we will be introducing at PackExpo in September this year.” – Tod Cooper, Product Manager, IMPAK Machinery Group

A Win/Win

IMPAK’s team is pleased to serve the Gramatech network, knowing their customers often play a critical role in driving new innovation; the new technologies and advanced solutions IMPAK provides often start with a customer need. Such needs have resulted in gains such as being the only company to supply a 3rd party certified explosion proof sealer in the last 30 years.

“We’ll not only serve and support Gramatech’s existing network, we’ll also lend them our ears as we move forward with new developments in sealing equipment. A collaborative relationship with our customers has been a cornerstone in the advancement of new features and technologies, and we plan to continue that with Gramatech’s former customers.”-R. Hasan, Machinery Department Director

The Gramatech product line will remain available at; with more products available at

About IMPAK Corporation

For over 20 years, IMPAK Corporation has provided innovative packaging solutions with stock and custom-built sealing equipment. Based in Los Angeles, California, IMPAK’s machinery team serves customers ranging from small businesses seeking economic tabletop options, to companies in need of fully customized industrial machines that address highly specific challenges, unmet by other suppliers. Sophisticated programs for better precision are available on many of their stock items and the company has even been known to retrofit machines by other manufactures as required by customers. For more information, visit: