New pouch packaging system suits small-volume operations

Lisa McTigue Pierce, Executive Editor

June 28, 2019

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New pouch packaging system suits small-volume operations

Finding affordable automation for small-volume operations—like start-up companies or productions with frequent changeovers—is about as hard as finding a teenager not affixed to a smartphone. But the need is great and packaging machinery manufacturers are starting to populate this niche.

For example, All Packaging Machinery has teamed up with Nae Pac to engineer a new system to weigh, fill and seal 8 to 10 standup bags per minute, depending on the product. A single operator can run the semi-automatic system, which mates an All Packaging Machinery sealer with a Nae Pac weigher/filler onto a single base.

The compact size—just 42 inches deep x 57 inches wide x 77 inches tall—also acknowledges the footprint limitations of many facilities today, startups and corporate conglomerates alike.

Matt Kenney, sales manager at Nae Pac, answers a few questions about the new system, which you can see in person at the upcoming EastPack 2019 (June 11-13; New York City).

What is unique about this machine/setup and what are the benefits of it for the customer?

Kenney: This compact affordable system is ideal for small or start-up companies needing to get their product into market with very little investment. The Nae Pac NPS-1 weigher/filler and APM TCBSDM-3/8 sealer are designed especially for stand-up pouches and are user-friendly and easy to operate. The scale has all stainless-steel contact parts, the sealer has chrome plated sealing bars, and the nickel-plated cooling system reduces wear and increases longevity of use.

How do the two pieces of equipment interface/sync?

Kenney: These systems operate independently.

Is there just one controller?

Kenney: The scale has a controller and the sealer has its own set of controls.

Both machines share the same frame. Why do that?

Kenney: This allows smaller start-up companies a with limited work space to have a full packaging system that is compact and easily moved when note in use. It allows one operator to weigh, fill and seal at one station.

Why is it important that this system be on wheels?

Kenney: Ease of moving around when system is not in use. Also, transporting for cleaning purposes.

What type of filler is it? What is the accuracy (+/-)?

Kenney: Net weight filling system. Static accuracy is 0.5% of system capacity. Accuracy will be dependent upon individual product size.

What products are suitable to be packaged on this system?

Kenney: Dry free-flowing products such as food, coffee, electronic components, candy, grains, plastic parts, seeds and more.

It’s touted as affordable automation. What is the price?

Kenney: Starting at $16,895.

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