Oxygen-scavenging materials

January 30, 2014

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Oxygen-scavenging materials

The newest addition to the Freshness Plus™ line of active packaging materials yields superior oxygen protection by incorporating scavenging material into the barrier layer of film, the co. says. Because the scavenging polymer is built into the film, the scavenging components trap oxygen that can slowly migrate into the film from the package headspace or from the environment. Processors will appreciate how easily the active barrier film can be used with existing equipment, because the film doesn’t require an activation step. The scavenging polymer is invisible to metal detectors, allowing processors to use metal-detection systems after the product is packaged. Ideal for oxygen-sensitive products and products with a long shelf life, the active barrier films don’t require moisture to activate the scavenging reaction and are equally effective with wet or dry products.

Sealed Air Corp., 800/845-3456. www.freshnessplus.com

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