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Paperboard spoutPaperboard spout

January 30, 2014

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Paperboard spout

The 2Tap paperboard spout can be used on most bottles and jerry cans. The spout is an affordable and environmentally friendly replacement of the plastic funnel. The spout is attached to the bottle in question, folded up and either glued to one side or suspended from the neck. The spout can be folded out, placed on the neck of a bottle and liquid can be poured out. Once the bottle is empty, it can be disposed of together with the spout, with no more dripping funnels when the process is completed. In principle, the spout can be made to fit any size bottle and can also be used to advertise special offers or to display product information.

2Tap BV, 31 652 603369. www.2tap.nl

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