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Pouched meal enhancers debut for people and pooches

Pouched meal enhancers debut for people and pooches
Two takes on pouched meal-enhancing food products.

Two different packaging plays on meal enhancements that each offer different takes on stand-up pouches bring something unique to the dog bowl with Purina’s pouched “additions" (left side) and to the table with Simek’s mini meatballs (right).

Free-Standing Inserts in weekend newspapers bring a bounty of new products to the forefront as in these two examples of pouched meal-enhancing foods.

Purina's meal enhancement product (left side of above image) is definitely for the dogs as a line extension of the company's Pro Plan Savor products in the form of a pouch of “additions” natural puree. Purina states that the products come in “mess-free, easy-to-use, resealable pouch.”

The pouch is a mandatory format for the products because the purees require that the package be squeezable to dispense them. However, the squeezable pouch isn’t the only thing about the products that's functional: The purees contain functional ingredients like antioxidants or prebiotic fiber along with flavor enhancers to entice dogs to eat their food.

The pouches’ pleasing graphics design are complemented by a color-matched, oversized and easy-to-use resealable screw cap that provides a finishing touch to the products’ fetching shelf presence.

The products are available in four products that, notably, are made with human-grade ingredients. It seems that packaged pet food is more than mere dog food these days as pets can eat better than ever before, delivered in value-added packaging that’s convenient for humans.

The suggested retail price is $2.99. For more on the products, visit

Making meatballs fun, bright and innovative

St. Paul Park, MN-based Simek’s is rolling out Mini Meatballs in downsized pouches (right side of top image) that serve as a companion to the company’s flagship line of ~44 fully cooked 0.5oz meatballs packed per 22oz stand-up bag.  

The new “mini me” version is roughly half the contents of the parent bag, containing ~48-56 fully cooked 0.25oz meatballs per 12oz (sausage) or 14oz bag. The frozen sausage, beef or turkey meatballs in these smaller pouches are intended as an accompaniment to prepared dishes and for snacking.

 Lindsey Bruber, Simek’s president, tells Packaging Digest that the design provides a differentiator. “Other meatballs found at the grocery store traditionally show a plate of meatballs alone or with spaghetti,” she says. “We want to stand out on the shelf and believe the ‘magical meatball’ shown alone on a fork inspires consumers to ‘think outside of spaghetti.’”

The minis were introduced in select markets in the previous design in November 2013 and were relaunched in March. The intent of the rebranding was “to portray who we are as a company: fun, inspirational, bright and innovative,” says Bruber.

Mini Meatballs were launched in smaller package to drive trial and to differentiate the line from the company's classic meatballs since they have different usage occasions, according to Bruber, who adds that "we also want to provide consumers with quality products at a lower price point and felt a smaller pack size was missing from the market.”

Bruber credits Periscope ( in Minneapolis for the design and Coveris (formerly Expopack, for printing the film.

I like the distinctive package design and bold, definitely-not-primary colors backing a front-and-center, fork-pierced meatball along with branding centered along the top, all of which mimics the full-size bags. One look and you know exactly what the product’s all about.

Visit for more information.

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