Pouches and bags gone wild!

Rick Lingle in Flexible Packaging on September 19, 2016

Wildly innovative new options in flexible packaging include photochromic bags, a tetrahedral pouch that’s a snack tray, a mosquito-fighting 2-compartment pouch with a frangible seal, a refillable pouch inside a rigid shell, a paper bag made on FFS equipment, a pouch that looks like a teapot and three more “wild” packages.


Pouches and bags gone wild!? What’s going on here? What our sensationalistic Yahoo News-style headline means is that we have assembled 9 examples of creative if not wildly inventive new options in flexible packaging. These bags and pouches push the flex-pack envelope with enhanced functionality and convenience in excitingly fresh ways.

Leading things off is Printpack ’s incredible photochromic flexible packaging that allows brand owners to create an invisible design hidden within a package’s visible graphics. The hidden design is only revealed when a consumer carries the bag into the sunlight. The concealed design can be any graphic that would surprise and delight consumers as they interact with the package outside. The unique technology is a way to engage consumers through packaging on a new level.


“This type of packaging application can truly set a brand apart by adding depth to the consumer experience,” says Mark Brogan, Printpack’s director of technology and innovation. “It can make all the difference when it comes to purchasing decisions.”

Brogan responded to our inquiry with these highlights:

  • Consumers will see what ever image has been printed with the photochromic ink. 
  • The technology is commercially available now for virtually any flexible film structure.
  • Photochromic flexible packaging can be supplied in roll for form-fill-seal applications or as premade bags.
  • The packaging is appropriate for any market, but especially for salty snacks, bar wraps or pouches.
  • Most brands would use this application as a seasonal promotional opportunity.

In March, the technology earned Printpack a Silver Achievement Award for Technical Innovation from the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) for solving a challenge that has tested the industry for years—applying photochromic ink to a flexible film.


Next: A 3-in-one combination pouch/snacking bowl/tray


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