Single-dose applicator system debuts

January 30, 2014

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Single-dose applicator system debuts


A first for prescription benzoyl-peroxide formulas, SkinMedica launched a single-dose version of its NeoBenz(R) Micro acne treatment last January in the DelPouch(TM) drug-delivery package from Cardinal Health's Pharmaceutical Technologies and Services ( segment. The DelPouch comprises a proprietary foil pouch topped with a 1-in.-dia, 110-ppi foam pad that is used to apply the acne cream, once a frangible seal beneath the foam pad is broken by the consumer.

"Patients simply squeeze the single-dose [SD] pouch until the medication appears on the foam pad, apply and throw away—eliminating the need for their fingers to touch the medication or their faces," explains Michelle Saunders, vp, pharmaceutical marketing for SkinMedica.

SkinMedica offers 3.5-percent and 5.5-percent prescription-strength versions of the benzoyl-peroxide product, both in a portable, 0.5-g pack size, but the DelPouch can also be constructed in a 1-g format, relates Bruce Hepke, director of business development for Cardinal PTS. The pouches are filled at Cardinal's PTS facility in Philadelphia.

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