Woven bag combines high strength with high-impact graphics

Lisa Pierce in Flexible Packaging on May 11, 2017

Pet food, bird seed or other dry products typically packed in multiwall or laminate bags now have a new high-strength option that competes on shelf impact and cost.

The new Pro-Dura Premium polypropylene woven bag from ProAmpac hides the weave on the inside of the bag so the outer face presents a smooth look for maximum attention in stores.

Plus the bag can be filled on the same equipment as multiwall bags (something laminate bags can’t do) to minimize production disruption for existing operations or to eliminate the need for buying new packaging equipment. Yet it solves common challenges of multiwall bags, like wrinkles and spills.

Pro-Dura Premium is available in two bag sizes for products less than 15 lbs or up to 50 lbs.



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