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Lay's snacks mashups, Johnnie Walkers Blue Label series, Coca-Cola's KeelClip multipack, cool paper packaging, food brands turn to compostables, cheesy "whey" to make packaging.

Food and beverage brands constantly launch new products and new packages, many of which are posted to social media — if you can find them. Packaging Digest highlights the best of them on a regular basis, with the most recent “find” at the beginning. Come back often to quickly scroll through to see what you’ve missed.

Below you'll find new packaging developments from companies and brands that include Coca-Cola's switch to clear PET for Sprite bottles, Capri Sun cuts sugar tweaks packaging, Hamm’s beer goes old school, Jet-Puffed Camp S’mores glow-in-the-dark packaging, McCormick's reusable packaging investment, guitar bottle, PET Recycling Coalition, Purina's "recyclable by design" pouch, and more.

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Lay’s limited-edition snack mashup lineup arrives.

Johnnie Walkers releases Blue Cities of the Future design series.

Coca-Cola Beverages installs GPI’s plastic-film eliminating KeelClip multipack machine.

Breakthrough in paper packaging for frozen foods, in Iceland of course.

Food brand applications and insights for Tipa’s compostable flexibles.

Using cheese whey to add value to film packaging.

McDonald's take-out packaging turns into a table. Clever or excessive waste?

Did you know there was a powdered ketchup brand?

General Mills’ pet food packaging is AmeriStar Best in Show.

Bahlsen redesigns confectionery’s packaging.

Eco Win Pack’s beautiful, clever design.

New biodegradable biopolymer nanocomposite can monitor packaged food freshness.

PPG’s enhanced BPA-free coatings for aluminum beverage cans.

The food and beverage packaging machinery market.

Coca-Cola switches to clear PET for easier-to-recycle Sprite bottles.

Jet-Puffed new Camp S’mores debut in glow-in-the-dark packaging with a QR code that permits kids to find the constellatio S’morion.

Capri Sun packaging calls out new sugar reduction.

High-end, private-label coffee pouches and sachets recycled via TerraCycle.

Dow signs agreement with China’s leading food and beverage group, Want-Want, to drive zero-solvent emissions and a circular economy for flexible packaging.

Hamm’s beer goes old school with throwback packaging design.

Au Vodka dazzles in gold beverage can.

Stora Enso and Tetra Pak assessing beverage carton recycling.

PepsiCo Europe to invest in start-ups working on chemical recycling for flexibles.

Meal kit brand Gousto tests edible wrappers made of pea protein.

Sidel introduces the Aseptic Predis X4.

11 sweet candy packaging designs reviewed.

Introducing premium Juliet wine in unique cylindrical packaging.

Bob Dylan’ Bootleg Series by Heaven’s Door releases Volume 3.

Breakthrough in rPET injection-molded food cups.

Cerias beverages received a Refreshed Visual ID System and new packaging design.

St. Laurent Whiskies offer a distinct format and look.

Single-serve snack packaging market expanding.

The South African beer that crushed it in the global packaging design competition.

McCormick's invests in reusable packaging through Loop.

Barilla removes plastic film window from pasta boxes to be 100% recyclable.

Interactive wine labels engage with sight and sound.

10 chocolate brands with irresistible designs.

UK’s first fully recyclable baby food pouch.

White Castle debuts packaging for night owls.

Premium mochi ice cream upgrades for retail distribution with patent-pending "matchbox" packaging.

Fiber packaging is gaining traction with food brands.

Frugal Bottle update.

Students’ creativity seen in winning glass bottle designs.

UK’s Drink of the Week delivers snazzy packaging design.

Nabisco scores (!) with a consumer-friendly eat-from-carton for snacks.

Diageo prints limited-edition series of Johnnie Walker Black Label bottles with ink made from air pollution.

Skrewball Whiskey is highly portable in 100-mL cans.

Little Rick’s cannaboid drink rebranding earns Pentawards recognition.

Latest Food & Beverage Packaging Newsletter from Packaging Digest.

McCormick food color bottles now made with 100% rPET.

Wine bottle packaged inside an hourglass.

Saucy label design.

Legal analysts warn that the increase in personal injury lawsuits related to food packaging PFAS could hit restaurants in every segment of the industry.


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