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100% compostable foodservice containers made of bamboo paper.
Food chemicals database, smart packaging, whiskey bottle/bird feeder, bamboo paper foodservice containers (shown), origami-inspired packaging.

Food and beverage brands constantly launch new products and new packages, many of which are posted to social media — if you can find them. Packaging Digest highlights the best of them on a regular basis, with the most recent “find” at the beginning. Come back often to quickly scroll through to see what you’ve missed.

Below you'll find new packaging developments from companies and brands that include digitally printed cans, Coke GB's tethered caps, urgency for sustainable food packaging, Lidl supermarkets' PCR food packaging film, Coke's galaxy pink hue, stellar gin design, Nestlé nears milestone in Italy, returnable water bottle, rPS food packaging, handsomely packaged tequila, Weston Oil's slick redesign, 1 million pet food bags, returnable water bottle.

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Database for food contact chemicals.

Smart packaging for food and beverage.

Incredible limited-edition packaging: whiskey bottle inside a bird feeder.

Paper is a good sustainable packaging choice and bamboo paper is even better.

This is what origami-inspired packaging design looks like.

Digital printing for beverage cans unpacked.

Coca-Cola Great Britain commits to tethered caps for 1.5-Liter bottles with attached lids.

Why sustainable food packaging is needed now.

“Treemendous” design and cause for Sapling Spirits’ limited-edition citrus vodka.

In partnership with supermarket chain Lidl, Trioworld launching PCR film in Sweden for food packaging.

Coca-Cola switches can packaging from red to galaxy pink.

2022 “Crushie” award winners for global beer marketing and packaging design revealed.

Wine’s wild design grabs attention.

Food waste facts and innovative packaging solutions.

Winpak’s ReFresh films line includes monomaterial sustainable options.

Lifeway Foods to aid Ukraine with specially designed bottle.

Amcor laser technology eliminates label on Danone water bottle in Argentina.

Paper bottles to test a new, saucier market with Kraft Heinz.

World’s first vegan-certified packaging supplier: Smurfit Kapp.

Graphene-oxide enabled bioplastics for food packaging.

Pegasus’ gin packaging design reaches for the stars.

Nestlé nears sustainable perfection in Italy as 97% of packaging there is recyclable.

ALPLA and beverage company Vöslauer develop returnable PET bottle for mineral water.

Recycled polystyrene remade into food packaging.

Tequila’s handsome packaging design echoes the region where it originates.

A guide with options and links for reclosability for foods in flexible packaging.

Weston Oil gets first packaging redesign in 20 years.

What can you do with 1 million pieces of pet food in flexible packaging? Recycle it of course.

McKinsey says when it comes to design, smaller is better.

Bottled water has impact both visually and for communities in need.

Biodegradable fruit packaging.

Fast-food chains’ status for moving to PFAS-free foodservice packaging.

Reviewing BK’s reusable packaging.

Biodegradable starch-based film is engineered for food packaging.

Coffee pods are first to earn CMA certification for composting.

Ball Aluminum Cups expect a growth spurt.

Label-less Bonaqua water bottles launched.

Tropicana Cereal: just add the OJ.

Bamboo trays for packaged foods.

Beverage brand doubles down on sustainability: unveils rPET bottles and removes plastic ring carriers from cans.

ProAmpac introduces ProActive PCR Retort pouches for foods.

Burgr King trialing reusable packaging at select locations.

Riviana Foods' iconic rice packaging gets a modern makeover.

Olive pots #foodwaste made into bioplastics.

President's Choice and “no name” whole bean and ground coffee products available in new AromaPak packaging.

When in Rome wine launches new products in Frugal paper bottle.

Wow of a packaging design for gin and yes, the brand has a strong connection to fishermen.

This wine’s a scream.

Packaging designs feted on #NationalTeaDay.

Pouch graphics design is elegant, yet exciting.

We salute this intriguing color choice.

EloPak Pure-Pak rolling out carton with tethered cap.

Wine bottles: plastic versus glass.

Chocolate packaging design that gets philosophical.

Sharp-looking, limited-edition New-York style whisky bottle, book, and box.

How to get Millennials to eat prepackaged salad? It’s the packaging design.

Beer label design uses Polaroid pictures.

Translation: Barilla pasta changes logo and packaging in 9 countries.

Sealed Air, ExxonMobil, Ahold Delhaize recycle flexible packaging for food back into food-grade packaging.

Budweiser releases Budverse NFT cans.

Hormel’s La Victoria brand enchilada sauces introduce flat-bottom stand-up reclosable pouches.

This is why bans should be based on science, not emotions.

Mini Babybell introduces plant-based version.

Conagra's Evol is first frozen brand to introduce Carbonfree Certified Carbon Neutral Meals.

Colorful 12-packs reflect an artist's touch.

Newfangled beverage can designs.

Impressive redesign lifts Depth Charge coffee vodka packaging.

India ban spooks drink brands.

PFAS-free, molded-fiber food packaging.

Packaging Digest Podcast: Frito-Lay’s compostable packaging experiment.

RE:INCARNATED Spirits sustainable packaging makes a striking statement.

Cracker Jill breaks into Frito-Lay snacks limeup.

BumbleBee Seafood replace plastic shrink wrap with paperboard multipack cartons.

Organic food packaging design tips.

Fresh pasta brand switches from plastic to GPI’s PaperSeal trays.

Constellation Brand's stunning textured wine bottle.


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