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Image courtesy of Corona Canada Corona_Can-crop-1540x800.png
Corona Canada’s breakthrough beer cans have a front-panel QR code for consumers to learn more about the low-carbon footprint.
Corona Canada's low-CO2 can, Prevented Ocean Plastic lands in Ireland, ingenious chocolates box, wooded packaging wonder, Thor energy drink.

Food and beverage brands constantly launch new products and new packages, many of which are posted to social media — if you can find them. Packaging Digest highlights the best of them on a regular basis, with the most recent “find” at the beginning. Come back often to quickly scroll through to see what you’ve missed.

Below you'll find new packaging developments from companies and brands that include a guitar bottle, PET Recycling Coalition, Purina's "recyclable by design" pouch, MAP market, cellulose film, Minions takeover, 20,000 unique wrappers, rPET markets, compostable treats packaging, FB innovations, Mondelez's recycling move, digitally printed cans, Coke GB's tethered caps.

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Corona Canada pilots low-carbon beer can that reduces GHG emissions 30%.

Prevented Ocean Plastic fresh food packaging surfaces in Ireland.

Chocolates’ box designed using digital printing and laser-cutting magic.

A unique wooden take on the traditional unboxing experience.

It’s not summer without blockbuster super hero movie tie-ins.

KFC food packaging turned into fertilizer after use.

Toronto looks to reduce single-use food packaging.

Fancy Food Show packaging trends.

Carlsberg tests PEF barrier paper bottle for its iconic beer.

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese gets a brand refresh and a new name.

Inspired design for Artisan Liqueurs.

Welch’s lets you personalize kids’ fruit snacks packaging.

Martha’s Chard is fronted by Martha Stewart, who talks via augmented reality label.  

Rutgers' research: Antimicrobial, plant-based coating can replace plastic food packaging.

Pilot scale R&D creates a better, more sustainable biopolymer cellulose film with food packaging potential.

Yili recognized for global dairy packaging innovations.

India researchers develop ultrathin biodegradable heteroprotein film for food packaging and other markets.

Assessing the value of returnable beverage packaging.

Albertsons refreshes Soleil sparkling water brand’s packaging design.

Laser-coded compostable biopolymer films for foods.

Debut of Jack Daniel’s & Coca-Cola pairs two popular brands in one can.

Filippo Berio’s redesigned olive oil bottle is more ergonomic and greener, too: it’s molded with 50% rPET.

Bottle design hits a high note in iconic packaging design.

PET Recycling Coalition launches with brand support including Danone, Coca-Cola Co.

Purina gourmet cat food in “designed to be recyclable” pouch

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) expanding at a 4.52% CAGR.

Transparent cellulose film can replace plastic packaging for foods.

Detailed review of the Vinos Cetto “extreme” wine label redesign.

Minions take over Hippeas snacks.

Spirits brands can now seamlessly enable augmented reality engagement on their packaging.

Trends include interactivity, personalization, sustainability, and minimalism.

Food Packaging Robotics Market sees 10.2% CAGR.

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Moisture-reducing packet triples the shelf life of produce.

NFT wine bottle club in Turkey.

Tipa reports compostable films breakthrough for packaging wet food products in G.Mondini’s Paperseal trays.

Wines’ wolf-echoing packaging design has an environment footprint.

20,000 unique, digitally printed and sustainable Nebula Snacks wrappers.

Food and beverage markets hungry for rPET.

Wild design for coffee bags in Slovakia.

Bazooka debuts interactive gummies container at the Snacks & Sweets Expo this week.

Food and Beverage Packaging Market growing at a 4.89% CAGR.

Kanye West reimagines McDonald’s food packaging design.

Parkside creates compostable packaging for Cutter & Squidge’s range of baked treats to replace previously non-recyclable plastic packaging.

Tracking sustainable food and beverage packaging innovation.

Mondelez joins Flexible Plastic Fund FlexCollect project in the UK.

Database for food contact chemicals.

Smart packaging for food and beverage.

Incredible limited-edition packaging: whiskey bottle inside a bird feeder.

Paper is a good sustainable packaging choice and bamboo paper is even better.

This is what origami-inspired packaging design looks like.

Digital printing for beverage cans unpacked.

Coca-Cola Great Britain commits to tethered caps for 1.5-Liter bottles with attached lids.

Why sustainable food packaging is needed now.

“Treemendous” design and cause for Sapling Spirits’ limited-edition citrus vodka.

In partnership with supermarket chain Lidl, Trioworld launching PCR film in Sweden for food packaging.

Coca-Cola switches can packaging from red to galaxy pink.

2022 “Crushie” award winners for global beer marketing and packaging design revealed.

Wine’s wild design grabs attention.

Food waste facts and innovative packaging solutions.

Winpak’s ReFresh films line includes monomaterial sustainable options.

Lifeway Foods to aid Ukraine with specially designed bottle.

Amcor laser technology eliminates label on Danone water bottle in Argentina.

Paper bottles to test a new, saucier market with Kraft Heinz.

World’s first vegan-certified packaging supplier: Smurfit Kapp.

Graphene-oxide enabled bioplastics for food packaging.

Pegasus’ gin packaging design reaches for the stars.

Nestlé nears sustainable perfection in Italy as 97% of packaging there is recyclable.

ALPLA and beverage company Vöslauer develop returnable PET bottle for mineral water.

Recycled polystyrene remade into food packaging.

Tequila’s handsome packaging design echoes the region where it originates.

A guide with options and links for reclosability for foods in flexible packaging.

Weston Oil gets first packaging redesign in 20 years.

What can you do with 1 million pieces of pet food in flexible packaging? Recycle it of course.

McKinsey says when it comes to design, smaller is better.

Bottled water has impact both visually and for communities in need.

Biodegradable fruit packaging.

Fast-food chains’ status for moving to PFAS-free foodservice packaging.

Reviewing BK’s reusable packaging.


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