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January 29, 2014

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Compostable bakeware

With the introduction of Renew-a-Pak™ compostable bakeware, baked goods can be baked, shipped and served in a more environmentally responsible manner without transferring products from a baking system to a display system, the co. reports. The bakeware, part of a growing family of earth-friendly packaging, provides the same performance benefits as alternative bakeware and includes muffin trays, bread and tart pans. With performance to match coated paper, metal and/or dual-ovenable CPET, the compostable bakeware helps bakers conserve water and energy used to wash dishes and trays and reduce the amount of dishwashing detergent discharged into waterways, the co. states.

Biosphere Industries, LLC, 201/703-4164.

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