10 tasting trends: See what’s ahead for snacks and sweets: Page 2 of 10

By Jenni Spinner in Food Packaging on May 29, 2019

Photo: Glitschka Studios


2. Go with retro

Tasting a piece of candy, or even merely holding a package of an old favorite treat, can bring back sweet memories. Best known for licorice and other sweets, Gerrit J Verburg purchased old-fashioned gums Beemans, Blackjack and Teaberry, showing off its acquisitions at the show in familiar packaging.

Also, 1908 Candy Co. previewed its retooled yet still retro packaging for throwback candies it acquired from Ferrara, including Alexander the Grape, Mr. Melon, Cherry Clan and others.


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Jenni Spinner

Freelance writer and former Packaging Digest senior editor Jenni Spinner is a trade journalist with more than two decades of experience in the field. While she has covered numerous industries (including construction, engineering, building security, food production and public works), packaging remains her favorite.

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