10 tasting trends: See what’s ahead for snacks and sweets: Page 6 of 10

By Jenni Spinner in Food Packaging on May 29, 2019

Photo: Jenni Spinner


6. Eating and activities

As if candy by itself weren’t fun enough, several companies launched packaged candy and snacks with an interactive element. Redwood Ventures showed off its Foodie Surprise kits, which invite kids to whip up their own edible entertainment. International manufacturer PISSA offered a watercolor painting kit that lets users decorate candy tarts with edible watercolors and a candy crayon brush.


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Jenni Spinner

Freelance writer and former Packaging Digest senior editor Jenni Spinner is a trade journalist with more than two decades of experience in the field. While she has covered numerous industries (including construction, engineering, building security, food production and public works), packaging remains her favorite.

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