3 food-packaging matters spring up in early 2019: Page 3 of 3

By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Food Packaging on June 07, 2019


Food cans no BPA

1. Most food cans no longer use BPA in their linings

This article about BPA and food can linings has consistently experienced high page views since it was initially posted in February 2018—almost a year and a half ago. But over the last several months, interest has peaked again. In February and March 2019, it was #3 in the best-read articles’ lists. In April 2019, it moved up to the #2 spot. Now it’s at #1. Where can it possibly go from here??? You’ll have to come back in about a month to find out!

Another comment from a reader, posted on June 1, shares some info about alternative materials and offers a suggestion:“There is also Bisphenol B, Z AF, AP, & S. All have same health issues and are able to be used and called BPA free. Move back to glass and get rid of plastic linings and deceptive marketing in food products.”

Because consumers are still concerned about chemicals in packaging that might migrate into their food (and thus into their bodies), food companies and their packaging departments need to be concerned too.


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