4 Euro-style functional food packaging innovations

By Rick Lingle in Food Packaging on February 16, 2016

A display area at Food Ingredients Europe devoted to packaging innovation included an active MAP system for tray-packed protein foods, extremely high-heat-resistance trays and other developments seen on-site in photos taken in Paris, France.


One of the interesting aspects of this packaging business is finding common ground with those in associated fields that touch on packaging. For example, I have an informal arrangement with my former colleague and foodie techie Claudia O’Donnell, a principal of Global Food Forums. She keeps a lookout for interesting packaging innovations for me while she's traveling in the U.S. and globally while I send her newsy ingredients developments. You may have caught a sample of her field work in my report on Kooee Snacks pouch-in-a-pouch packaging, a packaging innovation that she came across at a natural products trade show last year and sent my way.

More recently she came through in a much bigger way in providing me with dozens of pictures she took of innovative packaging from the Food Ingredients Europe (FIE) exhibition. It’s a show that I hadn’t heard about before mainly because ingredients-centered events are off-topic to the packaging developments that keep us plenty busy. What I learned about FIE is that it’s a huge event run by Packaging Digest’s parent company, UBM. I also discovered that this most recent iteration held in late November in Paris attended by Ms. O’Donnell had an area managed by Innova Market Insights devoted to a display of an incredible amount of packaging technologies. By incredible I mean dozens and dozens of innovations that I wasn’t aware of from my view from the middle of the U.S.

We’ll begin our FIE packaging review in this Part 1 with examples of functional food packaging, starting with TenderPac, (seen above), which boasts packaging and technology from Sealpac converted using film and printing from Bemis.

It is described as “Absorbent strips under the fish or meat product transfer excess liquid into the container, keeping the product dry enough to prolong product shelf life.”

I checked the website and discovered that the unusual pronged device that can be seen in the photo has a key function: Called at ActiveStick, it lifts the protein off the bottom of the tray to keep it from soaking in its own juices. A second compartment, separated by a porous seam and covered by a pre-printed film or label, neatly collects the meat’s excess liquid. The result “ensures that the meat is stored dry and appetizingly during its entire shelf life.”


Next: Active and optimized MAP for trayed proteins…


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Great!!!!!....we have now a pouch-in-a-pouch packaging for meat and fish..