4 fast-moving trends in food and beverage packaging

Nikki Clark in Food Packaging on May 24, 2016

Formed around some of the key findings from Mintel’s latest report on global packaging and other industry research, here are some of the evolving trends that are predicted to make a significant impact on brand packaging design and influence how consumers interact with packaging for foods and drinks in 2016 and beyond.


1. Personalization

Personalization is a theme that will permeate through 2016, especially within design. Mintel’s global packaging director David Luttenberger explains that “there’s a parallel path between brands striving to engage customers on a more personal level and consumers’ expectations for packaging to deliver that experience.”

Technological advancements has given rise to the surge of personalization as we have begun witnessing in the last couple of years, with Nutella offering personalized jars, Heinz’ running a competition to win a personalized bottle of HP sauce for Father’s Day and, of course, Coca Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign (see photo above), which brought the trend to the fore of global mainstream and proved to be extremely successful.

Some companies have experimented with interactive ways of personalization, allowing consumers to feel they are putting their mark on a brand to the point where it has entered the realm of co-creation. For example, Spirits brand Whiskey Blender set up a website where people could create their own blends from up to seven variants of the spirit and then design their own label for the bottle. Likewise, Heineken allowed customers to personalize six-packs of its beer in Europe.

Giving consumers the chance to customize products has the potential to create a new source of revenue; interestingly, almost a quarter of Chinese customers said they would pay more for personalized packaging (Mintel), and 61% of US customers feel more positive about a brand when marketing messages are personalized (Forbes).

Taking personalization one step further, we will likely see brands looking at how they can better use big data for personalization within particular target markets such as specific demographics, geographical area and interests.


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