4 fast-moving trends in food and beverage packaging: Page 2 of 4

Nikki Clark in Food Packaging on May 24, 2016


2. Cleaner and clearer labeling

Now more than ever, consumers are demanding that the labeling on their food and drinks packaging is clear and concise. When trying to choose which products to buy, consumers don’t want packaging to be overloaded with messages; they want the most important information—such as ingredients and nutritional value, function and safety—to be communicated to them in ways that are visibly clear and easy to understand so that they can make informed purchasing without confusion.

Consumers are also calling for more information on the products they are purchasing. For example, in the U.K., 58% of customers check ingredients information, while more than three quarters are concerned about the use of artificial preservatives.

From a consumer perspective, the clean labeling and clear on-pack communication approach helps them trust in the brand. Expect to see food manufacturers keeping up with these consumer demands and improving the labeling on their products in such ways.


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