5 top November articles involve sustainability, ecommerce, food waste

By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Food Packaging on December 07, 2017

Can sustainable packaging and savings really go hand-in-hand? What upcoming trends do packagers need to know about ecommerce for 2018? How can packaging professionals help consumers reduce food waste? The best-read stories for November 2017 on PackagingDigest.com answer all these questions and more.

In reverse order, here are our top five articles of the previous month, based on page views:


#5. What ecommerce packaging is going to look like in 2018

Our first of many trend articles that look ahead to the coming New Year got a strong start, nabbing a spot on our Top 5 article list for November 2017.

Ecommerce blogger Victoria Greene identifies five up-and-coming ecommerce packaging trends to look out for in 2018:

1. Frustration-free Customer Packaging Experience—while ensuring products arrive safe and sound.

2. Unique design features—such as augmented reality features that wow the consumer.

3. Big Data design optimizationto increase efficiency at all stages of packaging.

4. Personalized packaging—to raise customer satisfaction levels and support the buyer/seller relationship.

5. Sustainable and/or reusable materials—to answer consumer demand for environmentally friendly packaging.

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