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By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Food Packaging on December 07, 2017

#4. Spoiler alert: packaging helps reduce no.1 source of food waste

Americans throw away way too much fresh food because it spoils before they can eat it, reports Bob Lilienfeld, editor and publisher of The ULS (Use Less Stuff) Report. To combat this waste, Lilienfeld says packaging innovations that enhance convenience by facilitating food storage, retrieval, preparation and use of leftovers should be at the top of all packaging designers’ to-do lists.

How? Lilienfeld cites two suggestions from AMERIPEN officer Ron Cotterman. Packaging professionals can help consumers reduce at-home food waste by:

• Fostering and promoting current benefits that optimize the packaging of fresh foods.

• Identifying and promoting packaging solutions that remediate food waste generation behaviors, and then develop the technical paths/innovations that deliver the expected benefits.

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