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By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Food Packaging on December 07, 2017

#2. Paper pouch-bowl empowers breakfast portability

Unique package designs always get the attention of PackagingDigest.com visitors. This new package is no different.

Gluten Free Bar cofounding partners and brothers Elliott and Marshall Rader created unusual packaging for its line of on-the-go hot breakfast meals. The convenient and portable “pouch-bowl” makes it easy for consumers to make a Power Breakfast “at the office, at home or out in the wilderness while camping,” says Elliott Rader.

Senior technical editor Rick Lingle describes the proprietary design: “The packaging consists of an inner poly-lined packet glued within a wraparound paperboard sleeve that has a foldable bottom gusset. The consumer bends in the sleeve’s ends to reform the packaging as a boxy-shaped bowl. The sleeve has special scores and die cuts plus a bottom panel that unfolds as a platform to support the inner pouch.”

The brothers share more details about the development, including sustainability and design challenges. Click the headline link above to learn more.


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