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Rick Lingle in Food Packaging on December 12, 2017


#6 Highly popular all-in-one printer-copier-scanners conveniently bundle those crucial functions into a single machine. What does that have to do with food packaging?

Well, what if you could have an all-in-one package that combines a bowl, carton and tray in a single flexible packaging format? And better yet, what if it could be run on form/fill/seal machinery?

Brand owner B&G Foods and vendor Sonoco Flexible Packaging co-developed the breakthrough PrimaPak bowl/bag/carton/tray packaging for the launch of an equally unique product, Green Giant Veggie Spirals.

While this was not the first PrimaPak that’s been commercialized, the previous launch early in 2017 was a much more straightforward version for Perfetti Mentos flavored mints. Green Giant’s requirements for the first frozen food using the format and in a microwavable structure were a far more stringent and challenging one, and definitely an inventive new twist in the category.

Jordan Greenberg, vp of Green Giant, and Roman Forowycz, CMO of supplier Sonoco Elk Grove (formerly Clear Lam Packaging, Inc.), answered all of Packaging Digest’s many questions about the innovative packaging that you can read here.

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