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Rick Lingle in Food Packaging on December 12, 2017

4. This post is really the story of a wildly successful article that begat another wildly successful story. That first story appears higher atop our list, but to get there we first present its more recent “offspring.”

It came about when I learned that the first article’s contact spun-off a standalone design website devoted to food and beverage packaging, Shelf. It served as a re-entry point for us to again tap principal Justin Johnson’s expertise, only this time rather than the initial case study he identifies emerging design drivers from a big-picture perspective. Johnson advises brands to tell their product’s story simply and immediately through the packaging design to connect with today’s mobile-savvy consumer.

He also shared this clever analogy: “Shopping in a supermarket is like speed dating, it’s quick and shallow with lots of choices, but once you find someone to ask out for dinner you can have deeper, more meaningful conversations and really strengthen that bond/relationship. Getting the product at home is more like going straight to the one-on-one relationship.”

He also answers the burning question: “What’s the biggest challenge in the food & beverage market?” and two other questions we’d posed, all of which you can read for yourself in the 3 sizzling design trends in food and beverage packaging


Major CPG manager divulges snacks trends and the packaging implications…


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