7 best-read food and beverage packaging articles of 2017: Page 5 of 6

Rick Lingle in Food Packaging on December 12, 2017

#3. We struck brand-driven gold again with this trends piece that turned loose the creatively insightful perspective of Gil Horsky, global innovation head from chocolate, biscuit, candy and gum brands powerhouse Mondelēz Intl.  who identifies four key subtrends in the snacks market:

1. Mission Nutrition: From the addition of functional ingredients to catering for health conditions and intolerances, snack companies must meet consumers’ wellness agenda.

2. Pure Pleasure: From chocolate inhalers to lollipop cakes, clever producers are turning “snacks” into “experiences” that enliven and enrich.

3. Social Snacks: Consumers don’t want to snack alone. Sharing and personalization can turn snacking into a social activity.

4. Instant Everywhere: Buy-on-the-go lifestyles demand new retail and vending formats that make snack buying instant, affordable and fun.

C’mon, chocolate that you breathe in? And chewable coffee cubes, really? Yes, really; read about these and more in 4 snacking trends and their packaging implications

Next: Two features with amazing “shelf life” top our list.

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