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in Food Packaging on May 26, 2015


Small appliance-sized cup sealer: Handy in form and function, this little sealer for cups and round portion packs of condiments, dips and more stands out from the crowd as a kind of “mighty mite” that fits the needs of small operations including fast and casual restaurants, caterers and delis. About the size of a portable coffee maker, the Model 15 “Seal-a-Cup” system operates on 110V electric power so it can be plugged in just about anywhere to apply a tamper-evident heat seal to the flanges of cups ranging in size from 0.37oz to 32oz. Three sizes of changeover plates are included. It is UL- and, as of this month, NSF Intl.-certified. The sealer, printed or unprinted lidding in aluminum laminate or microwavable versions and cups are all provided by Wilpack Packaging.

Tom Sweeney, vp of operations, says the development was in reaction to small shops and startups that suffered “sticker shock” even from the company’s most basic models of sealers. They’ve also sold units to larger packagers using them for R&D projects, he notes. The unit, with an online price of $825, was selected for the NRA’s 2015 Kitchen Innovations award.



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