Candor Food Chain Rolls Out Cool Tech for Food Packagers, Shippers

A European cold-chain technology cuts costs, boosts efficiency, and improves quality control for US food shippers.

Kate Bertrand Connolly, Freelance Writer

June 12, 2024

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Candor Food Chain
Candor Food Chain

At a Glance

  • Reusable boxes and pallets keep food cold or frozen for up to nine days.
  • GPS devices monitor product temperature and location during shipping.
  • The solution has a smaller carbon footprint than conventional cold-chain shipping.

Candor Expedite, Plano, TX, has launched a new cold-chain division, Candor Food Chain, which offers an innovative reusable cold-packaging solution for frozen and refrigerated food. Candor is a transportation company specializing in time-sensitive shipments.

The new division uses cold-chain technology from Spain-based Cool Chain, a company with extensive experience in controlled-temperature pharmaceutical distribution. Candor is the first US company to use Cool Chain’s unique system.

Candor Food Chain’s approach features reusable packaging that enables pallet and box-sized shipments to move via regular transport and stay frozen or refrigerated for four to nine days. The technology can be used with any mode of transportation, including over-the-road trucking and air transport.

Benefits to food manufacturers, distributors, and retailers include lower costs, reduced product damage, and overall safer shipping. Shipments are temperature-controlled, with GPS-enabled real-time temperature and location monitoring.


Shippers can consolidate deliveries of perishable and dry goods in a single truck supporting three temperatures — frozen, refrigerated, and ambient — for more cost-effective, efficient shipping.

The technology does not use dry ice, a refrigerant that can pose a health risk for workers when it sublimates into carbon dioxide gas.

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Sustainability advantages include elimination of single-use packaging and insulation. In addition, the technology reduces fuel-, refrigerant-, and dry-ice-related greenhouse gas emissions.

Candor Food Chain complements Candor Expedite’s existing transportation services for food and beverage; medical, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals; retail; and aerospace customers.

In this exclusive Packaging Digest interview, Tyler Wiard, Candor Food Chain’s head of strategic partnerships, answers our questions about the features and benefits of Candor’s new cold-packaging solution.


How does Food Chain technology reduce costs by consolidating deliveries of perishable and dry goods in one truck? How often does the same company ship products of three different temperatures in the same truck?

Wiard: Our Food Chain pallets are equipped with a sturdy base and top that allow them to be double stacked, maximizing load size. The temperature and GPS monitoring provided allow transparency and security for our clients, and the panels can cool to meet any temperature specification down to -10℉.

This allows companies the flexibility to ship all three temperature zones on the same truck without questioning the integrity of their products, due to the dual monitoring devices equipped inside each individual pallet.

Presently, many companies ship multi-temp trailers; however, most of them use partition walls that are powered by one unit and are often unreliable. Companies that are shipping multi-temp products often take on higher costs by using more than one truck for their products that are too sensitive for temperature fluctuation in such units.

Specifically, how does the technology help companies cut costs, improve efficiency and product quality, and create a safer environment?

Wiard: We cut costs by consolidating three trucks into one and reducing fuel consumption by only using one truck; also, not running reefer [refrigerated] units.

Efficiency is a huge benefit because the shipper and receiver are only loading and unloading one truck vs. three trucks.

Quality: Using reefer units and partition walls [creates] variable temperatures throughout the trailer and differing temp zones. It is nearly impossible to get the exact temperature range that meets your customer, food safety, and quality team’s expectations. Many companies install temp-tales at the end of a trailer, which only read one small section of the trailer.

Cool Chain pallets have a temperature probe for each individual pallet. Each box has the exact temperature as specified by your customer, and can hold a temperature for up to nine days — full transparency all the way!

It’s a safer environment, and sustainability is met as a result of reducing the number of trucks needed for customers that are using dual and tri-temp deliveries.

In addition to reducing carbon and refrigerant emissions, the boxes and pallets are fully reusable and contain no harmful toxins. Nor do they require extra insulation and cardboard, which often get discarded. Or dry ice, which can emit a dangerous carbon dioxide gas as it melts.

From start to finish, Candor Food Chain covers all bases for the shipper/consignee, from pick-up to delivery, followed by a stringent cleaning and conditioning.

How is the Food Chain solution different from the services Candor Expedite currently sells?

Wiard: We take one of our core company values, transparency, and combine it with a brand new solution, which fixes a problem that has historically been one of the most significant challenges within our industry. We are ripping the Band-Aid off and fixing the root of the issue.

Prior to joining Candor, I was a transportation and distribution manager for a global food manufacturer. There were countless times I used a full-truck-load reefer to cover one pallet in order to avoid a service failure. That’s because I did not have confidence that a standard less-than-truckload reefer would deliver products without damage or on time. Also, their sailing schedules can be a nightmare.

With Candor Food Chain, you can ship one of our pallets on your standard, dry less-than-truckload carrier and know that it will hold temp for nine days. There is a temp tracker in every pallet so you can monitor it 24/7. On the very slim chance that your product gets lost or delayed, you have full confidence whether or not its temperature is in the appropriate temp range. A tracker on each pallet makes it impossible to get lost.

What GPS technology do you use for monitoring and tracking?

Wiard: It’s a portal-based program in which a client can sign in and get a location-tracking device. The cloud-based program ties into our transportation management system from the actual device. We track every single location as well as temperature per pallet and box.

What temperature-control technology is used for Candor Food Chain, if not dry ice?

Wiard: Insulation keeps outside temperatures from affecting our proprietary food-grade, reusable, re-chillable panels. We have a process in which the panels are frozen and then tempered down to our customer’s temperature specification. The pallet or cooler is sealed with a temperature probe that our clients can monitor anytime they want throughout transit by logging into their Candor portal.

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