Family-Style Packaging Design Showdown: Pancake Mixes

What happens when two Traditionalists, two Baby Boomers, and one Millennial judge two diversely packaged pancake mixes, one pouched and one boxed?

November 9, 2022

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Influenced by her packaging editor husband, my wife has grown increasingly packaging savvy over the years.

For example, she buys products with new or interesting packaging just for me. I had the same feeling as a kid when mom would bring home an unexpected treat.

I also regularly solicit her feedback on packaging developments, which I’m expanding on now after purchasing two sharply contrasting packaging designs for pancake mixes.

Birch Benders “fluffy & delicious” keto pancake and waffle mix is packaged in a colorful 10-ounce stand-up pouch. By contrast, Kodiak Cakes “protein-packed” whole grain power cakes flapjack and waffle mix are sold in a subdued, dark-toned box.

The pouch mix was $4.88 for 10 ounces, the Kodiak Cake boxed mixes $5.84 per 18-ounce box.

In addition to my Baby Boomer wife, I decided to make it a family affair and bring in two more demographic groups, my upper 80-year-old parents (Traditionalists) and our Millennial son.

We’ll review the designs from oldest down starting with my parents.

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