Hellmann’s squeezes improvements out of mayo bottle

By Rick Lingle in Food Packaging on March 24, 2015

Best Foods/Unilever revamps the packaging of Hellmann’s mayo and other products to improve consumer convenience. Vendors are disclosed for the new custom-molded PET squeeze bottle that combines with the distinctive dispensing closure to help reduce product mess and waste.


Hellmann's is eliminating mayo lovers' frustrations using a new-and-improved squeeze bottle that’s designed to squeeze more out with less waste, less mess and more control. The innovative new bottle comes with three main improvements for a better squeeze experience:

Precision tip: The angled tip enables more control and better precision so mayonnaise dispenses where you want it.

Clean-lock cap: With a new customized cap that stays clean, there's no need to worry about messy surprises when opening and closing the bottle.

Sleek new design: The improved bottle design offers ease of use with proprietary technology that helps squeeze more mayonnaise out than ever before.


“While consumers love the convenience of squeeze bottles, they are not without their frustrations,” Tracy Shepard-Rashkin, Hellmann’s/Best Foods brand development, tells Packaging Digest. “The number one complaint about our old bottles was that mayonnaise would stick to the inside, and consumers had to shake, bang, or even cut open the bottles to get the last of the delicious Hellmann’s out. That’s why we decided to design a new bottle that would make it easy to ‘Squeeze More Out!’, as well as adding additional benefits like a clean-lock cap for less mess and a precision tip for more control.”

Shepard-Rashkin discloses additional details and the vendors involved in making improvements to the bottle and a new dispensing closure used across 18 products. The repackaging involves three bottle sizes of 11.5 oz, 20oz and 25oz, the latter available only at club stores. The prior bottle sizes were 9 oz, 16.5 oz and 22oz.

Note: You’ll find a detail of products and sizes below.


Details on a custom look

Shepard-Rashkin credits Alpla for the PET squeeze bottle and AptarGroup for the dispensing closure. Aptar’s Katie Schomberg, regional market development manager who also handles dispensing closures for all inverted food bottles, provided PD with further details on the custom, one-piece bi-injection-molded closure that helps differentiate the package in form and function. The screw-on closure is an atypical shape with a wide oval lid with a 50mm outside diameter that provides excellent inverted bottle stability. It also uses a clear polypropylene polymer for the lid and body portion and a pigmented PP for the spout. The spout is in three colors, dark blue for real mayonnaise, light blue for light mayonnaise and a light green for olive oil-containing products.


“It’s an eye-catching look that helps differentiate the Hellmann’s family from other products on shelf,” offers Schomberg.


Also integrated into the closure inside the clean-lock cap is Aptar’s SimpliSqueeze valve, which provides a clean and controlled dispense for the consumer and added functionality versus other closures in the condiments space.


Aptar was not the previous provider of the closure for the products, but has worked with Unilever in the beauty and home segments, according to Schomberg.  “We also work closely with Unilever in the beauty and home market which typically has more design aesthetic added to its packaging,” she points out.  “It is nice to see Unilever bring a bi-injection style closure to the food market.”


Shepard-Rashkin points out that the new bottle molds were developed by Sidel and the new cap molds were developed by Ermo. The label that provides the final ingredient to the package presentation is provided by Fort Dearborn.

Shepard-Rashkin says the relaunched products’ pricing depends on the channel, but the 20-oz squeeze container is line-priced with our 30-oz jars so that consumers can purchase either for a discounted price during promotions.

Due to the product volumes, she says that “producing enough stock to last us during the changeover to the new bottles at the factory was a challenge.”


Shepard-Rashkin details the bottle sizes and product lineup in the new squeeze bottles:

11.5oz: Hellmann’s Real, Hellmann’s Light, Hellmann’s Mayonnaise Dressing with Olive Oil, Hellmann’s Tartar Sauce, Hellmann’s Dijonnaise, Best Foods Real, Best Foods Light, Best Foods Mayonnaise Dressing with Olive Oil, Best Foods Tartar Sauce, Best Foods Dijonnaise;

20oz: Hellmann’s Real, Hellmann’s Light, Hellmann’s Mayonnaise Dressing with Olive Oil, Best Foods Real, Best Foods Light, Best Foods Olive Oil;

25oz: Hellmann’s Real, Best Foods Real.


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Looks like the bottle is wearing a bikini.
How the hell are you open the bottle. I guess it’s the new upside down bottle?
I didn't realize the new bottle when I purchased it... I'm having to Google how to open the stupid thing.
This bottle sucks and doesn't open!!! Put instructions on the label, what a pain
Why don't the idiots tell us how to open it?? Too busy promoting the new look. I'll never buy another one.
This bottle does not open. Very poor design or include operating instructions please.
Packaging Digest - you have 7 complaints about the same thing - yet you can't answer them (it)...you should change your name...digest that.
I had to call Hellman's for instructions on how to open the squeezable bottle. Actually it's quite simple, but the instructions should be on the bottle. Turn the entire cap in a counterclockwise direction to remove and then peel off the seal that is underneath. Replace the cap and you're good to go.
Thank you so much! They really should add the 1st step to their instructions.
Thank you what a load of f****** nonsense
I was wondering how to open the bottle, is how I got to this site. With so many people confused, the company ought to check its net chatter to see if they overlooked a "minor detail" and put the instructions on the bottle. I was fiddling around with this 10 minutes before getting an answer from anonymous below.
I agree. Dumbest product yet. Plus Hellman's left me on hold almost 20 minutes. Guess I'm a new Kraft Mayo customer.
Bless the person who called Hellman's and got the answer. Turn the top counter clockwise remove the seal and 'Voila'. Meanwhile I was struggling to get enough for my fish through a small hole made w. a knitting needle.
Ill send my 5 year old and 10 and 12 year old Grandaughters round to the idiots who can't open the bottle. I wondered where all the misfits of the world were leaving there reviews IDIOTS!
Good one.
I'm an old person and I have a quarter of the sqeezy bottle left and can't get anything out except by opening up the top and trying to get a knife in to get the mayo out. Even when it was full I had trouble squeezing enough out. Last time I buy a sqeezy bottle, back to the jars at least I can get all the mayo out with a spoon.
I don't eat mayonnaise. got poisoned from it and haven't eaten it ever since, besides, a sandwich isn't a sandwich without the MIRACLE WHIP!!!!!
The bottle is a piece of shit . Messiest thing ever . Poor poor design and then look on the label I read "Made with cage free eggs" and then small print that says "contains at least 50% cage free eggs " Too bad that took a good quality product and ran it in the ground I am looking for an address where I can demand a new "old" bottle to replace this mess maker
Did any of the designers actually try to get the last 1/2 cup of mayonnaise out of the bottle? What a waste of product. Even when I removed the screw top, the opening was too small to insert a small knife or spoon to recover the remaining mayo. However, I was able to figure out how to open it and remove the safety seal.
I was a huge fan of Hellmans tarter sauce since I was a child, but when you switched over to a squeezable bottle the original flavor was gone. why is it a different recipe than when it was in a glass jar? Now it tastes like everyone else's and I can make it at home without have to spend money at the store. sometimes convenience is worth losing the quality. You have lost a very huge fan and my entire family. could I get the recipe for the original?
i have half a bottle left of this and can barely squeeze it to get any out. i am not a fan of this bottle. waste of my money.
I am very unhappy that Hellman’s Light mayo does not come in a quart jar any more. I used it for many years in salads and find the squeeze bottle good for sandwiches only. I am now using another brand.