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Ice cream novelty multipacks use singular packaging

Ice cream novelty multipacks use singular packaging
Turkey Hill ice cream parfaits' multipacked clear cups offer packaging distiction in the premium frozen novelty category.

Fruit-infused Turkey Hill ice cream parfaits in multipack cups offer consumers a different kind of frozen dessert experience and packaging.

Do you prefer your frozen dessert on a stick or in a cup? Conestoga, PA-based Turkey Hill Dairy's new Decadent Delights offer both options. The dual product lines provide two diverse, indulgent treats that blend premium ice cream with fruit to create a four-flavor selection of bars and three flavors of individual-serving parfaits served in distinctive packaging.

"Ice cream is a treat, and that's what Decadent Delights is meant to be. It's made for people who are passionate about good food," says Turkey Hill President John Cox. "Each flavor is brimming with fruit, which makes these an extra special treat for fans of fruit flavors."

Decadent Delights bars are available in four indulgent dessert flavors including Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Coconut, Tropical Mango, and Cherry, packed with fruit, chocolate and other premium ingredients.

The bars’ debut is coordinated with a second, premium line of parfaits, offering ice cream swirled with ribbons of fruit puree topped with whipped topping and chocolate chips in highly distinctive, possibly unique-in-the-category cups. Parfait flavors include Mixed Berry, Strawberry, and Lemon Blueberry.

Decadent Delights is Turkey Hill's first new novelty in more than 10 years and marks its first entry into the growing premium novelty category.

The products are on-trend with consumers’ passion for indulgent frozen desserts loaded with fruit, Vickie Graham, Turkey Hill Dairy market research & product manager, tells Packaging Digest. “We created Decadent Delights to meet the consumer demand for indulgence and fruit. Decadent Delights offers two different forms—a bar that’s the most common novelty in the market and parfaits to provide consumers with a different type of novelty experience.”

Graham explains the dual introductions from a strategic view.

“As Turkey Hill looks to expand into other categories, it made sense to move into novelties since it is a category adjacent to ice cream,” she says. “Novelties are a highly competitive category, but the Turkey Hill brand is one of the best-selling ice cream brands in the Northeast United States. Consumers familiar with our brand know to expect high-quality products, wide variety of flavors and a great ice-cream eating experience. Decadent Delights delivers on those expectations.”

What’s the advantage of two diverse, single-serve formats?

“Novelties are just that, a single-served frozen dessert to be enjoyed on your own and/or shared with others,” Graham responds. “Our Decadent Delights packaging delivers on these options along with the added indulgence of what you will find inside each package.”

As always, packaging plays a fundamental role in the parfaits’ presentation and positioning through 7oz-polypropylene cups from Berry Plastics with resealable, low-density polyethylene lids and the printed graphics on the paper-based multipack sleeve.

“The structure of the package is unique in that it shows off the parfait containers themselves,” Graham notes. “It would have been easy to conceal all three containers inside a box or carton, but we wanted to display the product and the colorful fruit swirls inside each cup. To do that, the bottom of each parfait container is visible and serves as the base of the multipack package.”

A company first that’s a category first?

While this is the first time Turkey Hill has used clear cups in the novelty category, the company is also unaware of other brands’ use of this type of packaging in the category.

First and foremost, packaging graphics emphasize the product and ingredients.

“The main goal of the packaging design was to highlight the fresh fruit that the entire Decadent Delights line-up is based on,” says Graham of the graphics. “The fruit in each parfait flavor was used as a background on the packaging and the bright, chromatic colors of the fruit – vivid blue blueberries and yellow lemons, for example – helped draw attention to the product on-shelf.”

The design scheme for Decadent Delight Bars followed a similar formula.

“Decadent Delights is centered on fruit—it’s the ingredient that Turkey Hill could really own in terms of branding—so the fruit each bar flavor was based on became the backdrop of almost the entire package,” Graham points out. “One of our challenges with the package design was showing the different textures and layers of flavor within each bar. We spent a lot of time fine-tuning how to show those layers, and I think it turned out well.”

Turkey Hill's Decadent Delights bars and parfaits are available in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C., in select stores where Turkey Hill products are sold. Decadent Delights are also available in Kroger stores in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

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