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Living Intentions packaging sprouts new look

Living Intentions packaging sprouts new look
Living Intention’s new look-packaging unifies the product lines with a more premium, clean and mature look.

Superfoods pioneer Living Intentions releases new packaging nationwide and launches a line of Superfood Popcorn.  A manager explains the repackaging—what changed and why.

Living Intentions, a Richmond, CA-based pioneer of nutrient-dense foods, has introduced new packaging, flavors and Superfood Popcorn into retail locations nationwide.

“We developed a clean, modern brand look and flavor names to communicate the purity, high quality and maximum health benefits of our products” says Joshua McHugh, founder and owner. “We Activate our products through minimal processing techniques, sprouting, superfoods and probiotics.”

The brand’s new packaging--bags and stand-up pouches--features product photography to communicate that the foods are both nutritious and approachable. Geri Logan, market and media manager, responds to our packaging questions.

                           The new design (left) alongside the old packaging.

What elements were changed?

Logan: The old pouch contained a more playful, bright colored, animated look with the company logo not prominent or clear enough for consumers to know that it was a Living Intentions product.  With the new packaging we went wanted there to be unity across all lines with a more premium, clean, mature look.  We simplified the content and focused on the brand, the new term Activated, the flavor appeal and a stronger logo presence.  The back of pack was also cleaned up a lot from the old to the new.  We wanted to focus on providing clear communication of ‘What is Activated’ through icons and copy that the consumer could easily connect to.  

What was the toughest thing to leave off?

Logan: We were sad to part with the Intentions copy that was in the tear-off portion [i.e., the header] of the old [pouch] packaging.  We still have visions of how we could bring it back since it is a fun core value of the company.

What’s behind the sideways chevron across the central pack facing?

Logan: This was a design choice used to represent our new Activated brand. We felt this was an opportunity to represent the term Activated with forward motion and energy and to create a really unique look that would jump off the shelf.  We used a special printing technique to make the arrow reflective to give that vibrant, energetic feel.

What’s the meaning of the revamped dragonfly?

Logan: We have always loved the old logo and it was really hard to part with it, our t-shirts will never be quite as cool without it. But it was a 5-color logo that from a printing and design standpoint caused a lot of complications. We needed a one-color look that was more simple and iconic.

The dragonfly, a symbol of change and self-realization, is also representative of maturity. With Living Intentions in its 12th year, there has most definitely been a lot of maturing and transforming that has transpired. Through the rebrand we have been able to reinvent these amazing products by creating updated formulations and amazing packaging that reminds our customers that we are always striving to bring them the very best.


Did the packaging structure change?

Logan: We have gone to a new matte look with rounded edges for a more inviting, premium feel.  We also switched over to foil packaging to help preserve the products’ integrity even more so than before. By using foil we were also able to create the reflective arrow design. We have one product line that went into a bigger package, but all others were just tiny tweaks no more than one-fourth inch sizing changes; all shapes remain the same.

We also removed the window. This was a tough decision for us, but we felt that we could convey an even stronger taste appeal message which is a big one for us, our products taste amazing, with our high-resolution photography which looks exactly like what you get in the bag.

Can the design firm be identified?

Logan: We worked with Retail Voodoo out of Seattle and are more than happy to have them credited, they did an amazing job.


A ready-to-eat popcorn that features probiotics and superfood ingredients such as turmeric, maqui berry, chlorella and maca is new to the Living Intentions’ product family. Activated Superfood Popcorn debuts in four unique flavors: Salsa Verde, Berry Smoothie, Cinnamon Twist and Tandoori Turmeric.


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