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Rick Lingle in Food Packaging on November 01, 2018


While it opens up incredible consumer engagement possibilities including real-time Augmented Reality interaction, a knock to adding near-field communication (NFC) tags to produce smart packaging is that it usually ends up as an add-on sticker or under a label. It turns out that’s a turn-off for major beverage brands who manage big-volume campaigns, not just due to the bump under the label that can undermine a perfect presentation, according Closure Systems Intl.

The main reason: the application of using labels pre-applied with the NFC tags greatly slows down production speeds, a deal breaker for major brands operating high-throughput bottling lines.

What if NFC could be integrated into the packaging via the cap and made seamless on bottling lines?

That’s CSI’s ingenious Talkin’ Caps solution offered by a partnership with Talkin’ Things out of Poland: the NFC tag is sealed inside the polypropylene cap by the plastic liner. And while bottling line rates remain speedy and undiminished, the NFC tag that permits IoT connectivity anywhere remains totally protected.

Referred to by CSI as “Gen 2 NFC,” Talkin’ Caps allow consumer interconnectivity at the point of consumption, giving brand owners the unique ability to have dynamic interaction and gather actionable insights based on consumer location and usage history.

CSI currently offers 28mm, 38mm (shown) and larger diameter Talkin’ Caps caps.


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