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Rick Lingle in Food Packaging on November 01, 2018


Holographic cartons were not at all on my radar while roaming the lengthy aisles in McCormick Place. However, as I walked past the Uflex Ltd. booth in the far North Hall a display case of cartons that sparkled caught my eye. I stopped in place and then went over to the shelf to see what this was about, which is exactly what brands want shoppers to do in stores.

The shiny cartons’ debut at Pack Expo was the first appearance of the Asepto aseptic system for beverage products in North America. As startling to me was that global flexible packaging supplier Uflex not only provides the laminated paperboard cartons, they provide the form-fill-seal aseptic packaging production systems as well.

The holographic Asepto Spark and Premium lines are “a new generation of premium packaging with shelf impact,” said marketing manager Sanghmitra Lodh. Using the same laminated structure as conventional cartons, the from-rollstock cartons are made holographic during flexographic printing. The carton materials can be foil stamped and embossed.

Asepto Spark offers holographic distinction in pack sizes ranging from 100mL to 1000mL for markets including milk, juice and alcohol-containing beverages, Lodh pointed out.

The specialty cartons have gained plenty of traction in the company’s home country of India where 10 machines have already been sold in which 2 have been commissioned and eight are being built.

“We have 32 customers in India already using our Asepto Packaging and one international brand in Tanzania, Africa,” Lodh said.

Fresca, the leading brand in India, launched premium Tropical Mix and Guava juices in the 200mL Asepto Spark holographic packs (shown above).

“We’ve had a positive response to Asepto at Pack Expo,” said Lodh, “and we might see holographic cartons in the U.S. market and global market ver soon, too.”


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