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Rick Lingle in Food Packaging on November 01, 2018


The industry had its first look at the ecommerce-optimized Dromo PET packaging system from PTI (Holland, OH) that was launched at the show.

Dromo, which in Greek means road, is a PET bottle engineered specifically for liquid or semi-viscous products sold through ecommerce channels. 

In addition to personal care and household chemical applications, the Dromo bottle could also be used in food and foodservice applications. Ideal would be any ambient-filled liquid or semi-viscous products such as honey, syrup, condiments and more that don’t require refrigeration, according to PTI.

“Consumers have never been more vocal about reducing plastic packaging consumption,” explains Thierry Fabozzi, PTI president. “Along with this has come the significant shift in buying habits, moving away from retail stores toward ecommerce. Different times call for different packaging solutions and that’s what this innovation represents.”

The cylindrical Dromo bottle is a cartridge with opposing flat-side panels that provide sidewall strength and facilitate stacking prior to shrink wrapping into optional double packs. Those flat areas prevent the bottle from rolling and offer a landing place for a label. The bottles can be made from virgin PET or up to 100% recycled PET (rPET).

Up to 75% lighter weight than traditional personal-care PET bottles, the 16-ounce bottle weighs 9.6 grams versus an industry standard 39 gram. The bottles can be embossed and may be sealed with a traditional threaded closure or accommodate a foil seal.

Fundamental to the Dromo system is that brands and consumer adopt a new reusable at-home dispenser; PTI displayed several dispenser styles, each engineered with specific features to address brand preferences.

PTI claims the Dromo bottle offers better evacuation of the product than traditional products bottles because it is positioned inverted with the opening-down position; PTI says it a less messy for consumers than pouch refill systems.

Notably, the expectation is that the secondary packaging requirements for Dromo will also be reduced versus traditional packaging.

The development of Dromo was initiated internally by PTI, which represents a new approach for the company to proactively develop new concepts not tied directly to customer partnerships. Dromo has been in development about a year, according to Fabozzi, who expected to firm up partnerships during the show.


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