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Rick Lingle in Food Packaging on November 01, 2018


A visit at the Aptar Food + Beverage booth yielded several noteworthy introductions, but in this report the focus is on what is certainly the biggest in terms of physical size: The BAP Olympian Closure, a 120mm, much larger version of the Bonded Aluminum to Plastics closure that the company has had available for years for smaller, single-serve size containers. BAP integrates an aluminum laminate seal with a plastic base with convenient pull-ring removal with an attached or separate overcap. Benefits include built-in tamper-evidence and tool-less easy opening.

The new bulked-up version is intended to address consumer frustrations with protein powder packaging and other larger size canisters of granulated and powdered products.

Once the domain of bodybuilders and athletes, a growing number of health-conscious consumers with exercise and healthy living as a high priority are integrating protein products into their diets.

“In the fast-paced era we live in, consumers are placing increasingly higher value on their time and convenience that a brand offers them. Often a simple twist of package to provide rapid access to the product and its safe re-closure is what makes users repurchase a product,” explains Anna Frolova-Levi, Director, global business development, nutraceuticals at Aptar.

This wide snap-top closure allows consumers quick product access without the need to unscrew a cap. Olympian also provides a scoop holder for consumers to attach the scoop to the lid, avoiding mess and product contamination.


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