Pack Expo 2018: 8 advancements in food and beverage packaging: Page 8 of 9

Rick Lingle in Food Packaging on November 01, 2018

The little things do count for something and can be counted on to do more. Take for example a common bag of bread and its twist-tie reclosure or the small plastic tag that’s barely noticed by consumers except to check the sell-by or freshness date printed on it.

Bedford Industries is taking that lowly tag and similar reclosures to the next level and turning them into a mini branded billboard through three new products: ClipTag and CloseIt Tag and CloseIt Clips. The new custom-printed products bring branding and promotional opportunities to otherwise common closures for bagged baked goods, produce, confections, and more. Specialty printing along with different sizes and shapes of clips and tags become the promotional canvas for causes, seasonal pushes such as holiday cookies and other efforts worth highlighting.

Packaging Digest learned that the products are being used by several bakeries.


Lastly, a bonus: A horse and an elephant spotted at Pack Expo

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