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Rick Lingle in Food Packaging on November 01, 2018

For no other reason than it was attention-getting interesting, these two sightings involving corrugated packaging pointed dramatically and visually to the vendors’ products and capabilities.

First up, the life-size Clydesdale on display at International Paper’s booth pointed to a recent Anheuser-Busch Budweiser in-store promotion. The fall promotion involved designing, crafting and assembling 9-piece micro-fluted horses—some 1,100 in total, according to an IP representative. The project was handled at IP’s suburban Chicago plant in Carol Stream, IL, meaning the in-booth horse didn’t have to travel too far to get to McCormick Place before it was assembled by two salespeople “which shows you how easy that was to do,” added the booth contact while horsing around a bit.

DC Smith’s slowly melting ice sculpture of an elephant—changed daily throughout the show—demoed perfectly the water resistance of the company’s 100% recyclable and repulpable Greencoat box as a far more sustainable alternative to wax-coated corrugated. It’s available for cold and wet products from seafood to produce to poultry and more. The company states that, over the past five years, more than 375,000 tons of the Greencoat boxes were recycled instead of the same amount of wax-coated boxes going into landfill. If you’ll pardon the expression, that’s an elephantine improvement in sustainability.


Stay tuned to Packaging Digest where we’ll be reporting on other innovations that include more “good stuff” from Pack Expo and wherever good new packaging developments and ideas are found.


PackEx Montréal 2018 (November 14-15) offers everything from design to manufacturing—concept to market—with valuable free presentations throughout the event at Center Stage. Come explore the latest innovations, processes and new products.



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