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Pure Flavor debuts three-in-one healthy snack-pack clamshells

Article-Pure Flavor debuts three-in-one healthy snack-pack clamshells

Pure Flavor debuts three-in-one healthy snack-pack clamshells

Pure Flavor has launched the newest addition to “The Snacking Series”, a line of unique proprietary products and packaging. Anchored by Juno Bite snacking grape tomatoes, the line now includes “3”, a trifecta of sweet grape tomatoes conveniently packaged together in what Packaging Digest has learned is a custom PET clamshell.

The all-new 3 is packaged with three different flavors of grape tomatoes in a single pack, giving consumers their choice of snack flavors. The 3 is available in 9-oz and 1-pound packages, ideal for on-the-go snacking, healthy lunch options for the kids, side-dishes, and get-togethers, according to Pure Flavor.

Featured in the 3 are Pure Flavor’s new Bumbles, Tiny Bites of Sweet Yellow Grape Tomatoes, Juno Bites Sweet Red Grape Tomatoes and Oriana, an Extra Sweet Orange Gem. Each product has been extensively tested for flavor, texture and sweetness level. The product shelf life is 14 to 21 days.

Company president Jamie Moracci states, “We believe that innovative products and progressive thinking are keys to providing an exceptional level of customer service and value. The oval clamshells are a great example of a product we’ve created for the convenience of our customers.”

Sarah Pau, marketing assistant, informs PD that the 9-oz pack has a suggested retail pricing of $2.99 or less; the SRP of the 1-pound pack is $4.99.

“When we first decided to create this pack, we wanted to be able to reach a new target audience,” she says. “The ones that are always on the go, and yet still be able to eat healthy.

“On top of that, we find that consumers are more willing to eat the [entire contents] when there’s a variety of items in a pack.”

Asked what the biggest challenge was during development, Pau responds “During research and development, it was very difficult for us to find a packaging that is eye-catching, and yet still be at a price point where it would attract consumers.”

Pure Hothouse Foods Inc. is a grower, shipper and marketer of greenhouse grown vegetables and value-added Fresh Kits sold under the Pure Flavor name across North America.


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