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Revolutionary biofood launches in stick-pack packaging

Revolutionary biofood launches in stick-pack packaging
10 years in development, the world’s first biofood is now available in portable, easy-to-open packets in a 30-count box.

The world’s first biofood, Vinia red grape powder, is introduced by BioHarvest in convenient packets in a month’s supply of 30-count boxes. Packaging design goals center on science and credibility.

What do you think of a product with the benefits of red wine, but without the sugars, calories or alcohol? That’s the proposition behind Vinia red grape powder, billed as the first-ever biofood, a new subcategory of superfoods.

Daily consumption of Vinia is claimed to boost overall wellness because it causes the blood vessels to dilate, which in turn promotes healthy blood circulation, aids healthy arteries and supports blood pressure already within a normal range.

Consumer health and wellness company BioHarvest launched the product last month, beginning with the U.S. market. The launch was preceded by a decade of research. A box of the biofarm-grown, non-GMO product, which contains 30 individually portioned packets, offers a one-month supply. It’s available for purchase for $149.99 or as a one-box monthly subscription for $119.99 per month. 

The new-age, biofarm-grown product relies on hydroponics for soil-free growth. "Our patented technology harnesses the best of science to mirror the complexity of nature, allowing us to provide a revolutionary new food in powder form,” says Dr. Yochi Hagay, CEO of BioHarvest.

The packets, which each contain 0.014oz or 0.4g of product, were selected for convenience.  “As Vinia has shown to promote healthy blood circulation with people who consume it daily, we knew we had to offer a daily option that is convenient for consumers,” Ilana Belzer, COO of BioHarvest, tells Packaging Digest. “The packets were chosen because they are an easy to open, consume and carry form.  Because Vinia is a food, the packet also protects the freshness of the red grape powder.

The high-quality packaging is a result of a global team work that invested a lot of thought and effort in the design and manufacturing in order to provide the consumer a high-quality product and a great experience.”

Packaging challenges and design highlights

Packaging development presented several challenges. “One of BioHarvest important goals was to provide the consumer a natural  product,  free of any additives or flow agents which are commonly used in the powder food industry,” Bezler explains. “Therefore, the big challenge was to develop the filling technology that will enable accurate dosing of the red grape powder without the help of flow agents or additives and to seal it under controlled environment to keep it fresh, active and safe. This goal was achieved successfully with the stick packets.”

The packaging was supplied by Mor-Pack in Israel. The tasteful packaging design was done by Mode Design Group  and BrandBakery Branding and Design with several goals in mind, according to Belzer. “Graphics were designed to communicate the modernity of the science behind the brand, engagement by bringing the powder to life in an impactful and energetic way, and also to establish trust and credibility needed since Vinia is a high-quality wellness product.”

The box top opens in a special way revealing the packets, Belzer points out. A Quick Response code on the back of the box takes the consumer to the website where they can learn more about the product, its wellness benefits and the technology and science behind it. 

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